Adi becomes a Daddy

Better late than never!!! so I start blogging today… and what should my first blog be about…
Well!!!! Tashvi… what an angel my 3 month old daughter is… an experience to have a living being come out another human and when you put this little miracle to heart , you wonder God is such a near perfect technologist. Right from conceptualization to deployment, he is trying to make human into a perfect being…

Yes! NEAR perfect was intentional.
God took millions of years to make an animal which could think and work the way He probably intended. And probably He could not create what he intended to. He may have never imagined that we will start giving comforts such importance (become selfish) that we will start neglecting His other creations in nature. He might mot have even intended for man to fight bloody wars and indulge in genocide. But, that’s how society has evolved over thousands of years and we have to live in this society. So, we will have to wait for God’s intervention to stop this battle where one miracle is busy killing other miracle.
uh! i’m getting philosophical…. coming back to Tashvi… it’s been a casual day and I can’t wait to have little Tashvi in my arms… hopefully not crying… 🙂 and put her to my heart and have that eternal feeling of love and satisfaction… And Aanchal watching us play and giving a mysterious smile. Sometimes though, I feel those smiles come from the thought that “no matter how much good you feel about her, honey; you can never have the pleasure of being a mother” and I envy her for that…
so long till the next blog…

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