The Pseudo-Bachelor Dilemma

Boys are dirty!!! Guys, you have to acknowledge… All boys are Dirty… there may be a few exceptions (I can think of 2 – my friends Mayank from Thapar and Hemu from SIMSR), but this can be generalized… no matter what they tell their girls. Remember, the rule does not apply to guys who have never lived outside their parents house as a bechelor

As bachelors, all we need is a chair or a shelf in the wardrobe where we can have 3 piles of clothes – 1st for dirty clothes, 2nd for clean clothes and 3rd…. dirty, but potentially re-usable before hitting laundry. Next, we cook, not to cook.. We cook only if have to and that too, to survive. We don’t turn our beds every morning (what’s the point!!! you’re gonna come back and going to ruin the well-turned bed… and who’s gonna see when you are away). We don’t shave for a week… and so on…

Bottom line… Boys are dirty as bachelors….

And then it happens, they get themselves moved in with a girl.. in matrimony or plain livin-in… But, his life changes completely…. After the first year of feeble arguments with the lady, he gives in and mends himself bit-by-bit but eventually completely…

Clothes start going straight in the closet (in designated spots), dirty ones go in the laundry bag and re-usables hang themselves in right hangers… you go shopping with family….. you even watch the occassional soap (because of 1 TV in house, not by choice)…. you start cooking weekend meals and you are proud of it as it actually is a good meal… New talents… Life’s beautiful…

3-4 years pass by.. you become a father in the meantime…

Then comes a short project and you must go away to US, leaving family behind, for a couple or 3 months… and the whole world goes topsy-turvy…

You learnt all those clean habbits over the years and you do keep up with them for a couple of weeks…. , but the dirty animal is knocking your door and tells you that there’s no one to watch your hotel room all week (anyway, Homestead ppl clean the room every Thursday)… why do you want to turn the bed everyday for walls everyday ? Why are you making 10 piles when there’s no wife around? You can just eat ready noodles, burgers, 3 cheese pastas and all the junk in the world for whole 2 months!!! Basically, you get to be a Bachelor for 2-3 months.. AGAIN!!

And that’s the Pseudo-Bachelor dilemma.. Years of living process development versus 3-4 years of wife’s training…. and you have a choice to make… doing the wife thing… by doing everything right… cook healthy food and live like a gentleman or… Be a bachelor again… don’t waste time in cleaning-up the room and chopping-up veggies. leave your shoes where you want… and spend this valuable time in playing online Poker and watching CSI re-runs. Most important, have beer every single day with dinner….

You have a choice to make.. and that’s what it is.. Choices!!! Isn’t life all about Trade-offs and choices we make… There are no rights or wrongs.. it’s just choices..

So, I was thown on to this Pseudo-Bachelor Dilemma about a month and a half back and am still going through it.

No points for guessing which choice I made… πŸ˜€ Good thing is I play Texas Hold’em pretty damn good now and grew my ever growing beer-belly a little more…

I would recommend this choice to all the budding Pseudo-bachelors because you can have a ball at this time and live the way you like it…

But, if your wife asks, remember that you lived like a gentleman and the extra belly is because of heavy work-schedule and no exercise… Your wife won’t know it unless you blog it..


3 thoughts on “The Pseudo-Bachelor Dilemma

  1. Hi AddyI knew, that u r from Thapar, but now reacing ur blog, I came to know that u r my senior from SIMSR too.Nice blogpostHope to experience this Pseudo Bachelor State soon.regardsPrabal


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