The Fear Factor

I woke up in the morning today… ok… was woken up by the constant kicking by Tashvi to play with her. I took her to the park with swollen eyes and tossed her a few times in the air and felt deep rest listening to her constant laughter and the glitter in her eyes which wanted more… and as I passed through the park, a thought passed my mind and well…..
What kind of world have we brought our children in. We are fighting purpose-less no-holds barred fights, which seem endless. The people of one’s own country are mercenaries killing in the name of religion without any demands… so, where’s the motivation coming from ? Is it an act of religious revenge, someone’s personal revenge, political motivation to defame a community or party before elections, plain hatred or just fun. 
Whatever it is, these misled gentlemen don’t realize that they are helping no one but the enemies of India and they are destroying a country in which they intend to live forever. A country which has evolved as a powerful nation in it’s 61 years of existence, a country that provides us (all religions alike) safe haven, a country that recognizes all men as equals. But, these gentlemen’s acts are a lose-lose situation for everyone… And they and their community loses the most.
They destroy India’s image, society and culture, and jeopardize their own safety as well. After all, they too would not like to live in a world of chaos, civil war and army running around tanks in streets.
They are destroying the respect of the India for the whole community by doing this in the name of religion. The Muslims of India are celebrated and respected by each and every Indian in the names of Dr. Kalam, Zakir Hussain, SRK, Aamir, Azhar, Pathans and the list is endless. These aimless boys are jeopardizing the respect for each and every individual mentioned above and their religion in the minds of India.
What they are creating is fear… a fear which made me think twice before entering the FR mall on Sunday and making me reject the idea of going to a mall on October 2nd holiday. And the fear factor is gripping the nerves so tightly that I felt that our children will have to listen to war tales every day while growing amidst war, death, crime and a plummeting  economy. Did we do right by bringing her to life only to live a life in fear.
The above thought passed through in a minute or so and I squeezed my little 7 month old tightly walking towards home with loads of sadness in my eyes. And with all her naughtiness, Tashvi showed her irritation and scolded me for trying to crush her… A single action of hers is enough to sends a happy vibe through my body and I entered home with a big smile, tossing her again wanting to hear her pure laughter one more time, while hoping for a better India for her.

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