We… the shameful people of India

Just read about the gang rape in a bus in Delhi… This is pure evil… I am at a loss of words and my heart is filling up with anger… anger for I don’t know who or what… anger on the society that teaches us from the day of birth that the bloody male child is a superior being or angry with the government which is doing nothing to control female infanticide which proves the point and create an imbalanced sex ratio.

I don’t hold the 6 goons responsible for this because this happens every day 100 times, 100 different places, in bedrooms, in offices, in hotels, in cars, in fucking graveyards… this one sure is getting media attention because of the amount of brutality involved. 

We need to fix our homes. We need to teach gender equality in our homes, to our children. We need to teach gender agnostic respect for others in our homes. We need to work on our value system because our value system has gone wrong along the way and we are not willing to fix it even in this so-called 21st century. 

We are a mythical society. Hypocritical. Prejudiced. And full of Bull Shit… People who like to chose their own partner are frowned upon and not accepted in society. These things force people to not go into relationships and hence build up frustration. And some girl present at the wrong time at the wrong place has to pay for it. 

Girls are said to have asked for it themselves by wearing what they wear. Why shouldn’t they wear what they want to wear? Healthy flirting goes on and will always remain. But what makes people think they can get in somebody’s pants without their fucking consent… 

This is a message from a father of 2 children (both happen to be girls), who does not want another child just because he wants a boy. He loves to decorate dolls with his daughters and also loves to play soccer with them. But, he does not let them believe that any guy is superior or inferior to them. 

This is crazy… I feel like my head is going to blow after reading what all I read about this Delhi incident…

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