We… The Shameful people of India – part 2

May her soul rest in peace and God give strength to her family. But… this may sound brutal, but she is better-off dead than alive….. for her sake….. and for the sake of the revolution.
  • Had she lived, the Government would have taken the matter to courts and the rape case would’ve gone on for 6 years resulting in max only 7 years imprisonment for a few of 6 goons. Others would’ve spoken got fewer for giving statements to save themselves. Now, they’re all up to 14 years (or maybe death)
  • In every hearing of the case and pre-hearing discussions, she would have had to re-live the rape 100 times only causing her more torture.
  • She could never ever be able to live a normal life or an hour without nightmares.
  • Media would’ve asked her questions which would’ve made her feel that she had rather died.

But, more importantly

  • The government would have side-tracked the matter by saying that she’s being taken care of and justice will be served. The media attention would have moved to this specific case, then to page 5 and then lost. We would’ve forgotten. The fucking government doesn’t understand that this is NOT about this one rape. This is about every single girl in this country. This puzzle cannot be fixed one piece at a time.
For the amount of grief I have for this incident, I am wondering to myself that I don’t even know her real name. She is most commonly addressed as “Delhi Rape Victim” or “Damini”, but I have not come across her real name yet and frankly I don’t care. Her name “Delhi Rape Victim” addresses the pain of thousands of girls in Delhi, who have been raped or fear walking on the streets alone in Delhi. This fight is fer every one of them and this name works for me.

Revolutions need a Legend, a Leader and a Trigger. Her rape gave the Trigger, Her death has given us the Legend. Now, all we need is a Leader to take this forward before the flame dies.

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