An Almost Perfect Date (A Poem)


An Almost Perfect Date


Beyond the Horizon, there is a place,

That is where I first saw her face

Our eyes met and she offered me a seat,

Before I knew, my Heart skipped a beat

I took a quick-look to check my attire,

Just in case it wasn’t a one side fire

My situation got worse when she said “Hi”

‘was sure for once, she heard me sigh

As I was getting to settle my nerve,

The waiter asked what he should serve

I told him that I already ate,

but he can serve her, my heart on a plate.

As this sent my blood in a rush,

She couldn’t help herself, but blush

I think she knew I had little money to pay

We ordered a third wine anyway

The day went on as we sat and chat,

Our eyes were locked, without lashes being bat

And, as we finished the date with ice-cream,

The alarm went off…  and broke my Dream !!!

Alas!!! N’one cares if “Adi”  looks class or bedizen,

There is no one waiting,  beyond the Horizon…



– Adi Singla (09 Apr ’14)


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