दिल की दास्तान (Hindi Poem)

This is the first time I am attempting lines in Hindi, with a Pen Name “आदि”. Must admit, I had forgotten how to write some of the Hindi letters… as haven’t written anything in Hindi since about 2 decades now. I hope you’ll enjoy this.

खामोश दीवारें मकानों में

भीगे नैन अनकहे अफ्सनो में

काँच कि खिड़की बस हिली थी थोड़ी

दिल चूर से टूटा तूफानों में


दिल काट के भेजा पैगामो में

कहूँ मन की बात अंजानो में

भूल गए सब रास्ता यहाँ का

तेरी आह ना आयी ज़मनो में


क्यूँ “आदि” दरवाजे के पास खड़ा है

उठा ले जो ये बचा हुआ दिल पड़ा है

और छोड़ आ जहाँ जल रही उसकी चीता है

डूबा रहूंगा तेरे अह्सानो में

                                            – आदित्य “आदि” सिंग्ला (17-Mar ’14)

Types using phonics typing section of this.

English Script and Translation below


The walls of the house have been completely mute
The eyes have been moist because of some untold stories
The glass windows may have moved a little by the storm,
but it crushed my heart into pieces

I cut my heart and sent it in letters
I keep narrating my broken stories to strangers
No one knows the way to my house anymore
Even your breath hasn’t pass by since ages

Why are you just standing over there “Adi”
Come and pick whatever is left of my broken heart
and leave it where her body is being cremated
I’ll remain in your debt forever


English Script:

Khamosh Deewarein Makanon mein

Bheege nain ankahe afsaanon mein

Kaanch ki khidki bas hili thi thodi

Dil choor se toota toofanon mein


Dil kaat ke bheja Paigaamon mein

Kahoon man ki baat anjaanon mein

Bhool gaye sab rasta yahan ka

Teri aah na aayi zamanon mein


Kyun “Adi” Darwaaze ke paas khada hai

Utha le jo ye bacha hua dil pada hai

Aur chhod aa jahan jal rahi uski chita hai

Dooba rahoonga tere Ehsaanon mein


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