The Quiet Call

Amanda Mininger

As elections draw near for all of us, I’m going out on a limb and saying what I’m not supposed to say:

Which is that the best of humankind has never been determined by a formal process. It’s never been legislated, upheld in a court of law, or spun from a series of campaign ads. The best of humankind starts before all that, before any governing body intervenes or eager politician shakes a constituent’s hand. It starts with that magical moment when humans somehow come to understand that change is nigh, indeed it is ordained, and moving forward is the only option.

It’s not even a conscious decision. Collective humanity doesn’t wake up one morning and while in the shower, declare loudly: “I am deciding right here and now that this issue shall have a new outcome!”

Rather, as with The Hero’s Journey (thank you, Elizabeth Gilbert, for reminding us)…

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