A Family Guy  – After 15 years of togetherness, love’s still growing. We have our share of arguments and fights, but we make sure we kiss each other good night after sorting it out. Blessed with 2 beautiful daughters, with whom I love to play soccer as much as I love to play house. Would not have wanted my family any other way. I may have chosen to live far from India, but my family in India lives in my heart. All said and done, we all have a small Peter Griffin in us.

A Professional – With years of experience in comprehending complex business problems and applying practical solutions built around Oracle Projects, I have developed a philosophy surrounding Oracle implementations to answer the question all clients have asked for months after implementations –  HOW!!! How Oracle Works. With this blog, I intend to share my philosophy and learning and show people the WOW!!! Way Oracle Works…

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A Casual Poet  –  I got exposed to Urdu poetry by my Grandfather (maternal). Although I enjoyed that form of poetry for years, but I never started experimenting with the pen until college. I got into College Magazine society “Reflections” as an illustrator (later management), but did not write much myself except scribbling bits and pieces here and there. Over the years I developed the taste and now given the right mood, I write something  in either Hindi or English. If you happen to read anything, you’ll know I’m not a master at vocabulary, but I somehow make it work. All poems are covered under copyright and should not be reproduced under any form or fashion without my prior written consent.

There is an underline disclaimer with ever blog..

Happy reading, learning and sharing…

Adi Singla

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