A Stormy Night (Poem)

A Stormy night

The chariots of clouds are dark and dull

The city has pulled itself in a lull


The winds are taking a ferocious walk

There’s not a single soul to talk


First few raindrops struck like arrows

In hiding went the rabbits and sparrows


The scary thunder of an army of clouds

Children were anxious with fear and shouts


The swords of light made the night so bright

The power went out without giving a fight


In an hour there were streams of blood

No cars could move around in the flood


This attack from the sky was a huge surprise

Safety prayers for those with close ties

This battle should end by the crack of dawn

I’ve gotta feeling, I’ll need to redo my lawn…

– Adi Singla (19 Apr ’14)


Heal the World…

Heal the World

When I close my eyes…

I see a child in hunger and bare

And all I had was his picture to share

Wonder How humanity cries


When I close my eyes…

I see a blood-torn battleground

And all I did was buy beer next round

Wonder Why the brethren dries


When I close my eyes…

I see broken bones of a dame such beauty

And all I did was played Call of Duty

Wonder Where such monsters reside


When I close my eyes…

I see a mountain of piling plastic

And the concern is if my shoes are fantastic

Wonder When the Earth will rise


When I close my eyes…

I see bigotry and slur built of thorn

And all I check is which color he’s born

Wonder What is human despise


When I open my eyes…

With the heart so hollow, I’ll go on a hunt

To search my soul; To find what’s burnt

And Heal the World before it dies


So our children can see how birds fly…

– Adi Singla (18-April ’14)

When my Angel arrived

NaPoWriMo Day 17 Bernhard_Plockhorst_-_Schutzengel

The night that she did first appear

I saw an angel fly by near


I thought I heard a baby crying

the sound’s an angel’s wings, when flying


I felt her touch when I got to hold’er

The angel’d brushed by my shoulder


The smell of her skin had felt like bliss

Maybe the heavens scent like this


The kiss so sweet you can’t buy with money

I’d just been given God’s pot of honey

 – Adi Singla (17 Apr ’14)


Surge to Glory

I wrote the first snippet (Quest for Glory) for a small gift card competition at a fair in 1999. Expanded upon the lines last month with the poem below (Surge to Glory). Please leave a comment…

Quest for Glory

For Furs and Gowns and Cloaks and Tippets,

For Glory the world has so few tickets,

But like an Eagle up to the sky,

I’ll fill my flight before I die.

– Adi Singla (Fall ’99)

Full poem (Surge to Glory) is below-

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An Almost Perfect Date (A Poem)


An Almost Perfect Date


Beyond the Horizon, there is a place,

That is where I first saw her face

Our eyes met and she offered me a seat,

Before I knew, my Heart skipped a beat

I took a quick-look to check my attire,

Just in case it wasn’t a one side fire

My situation got worse when she said “Hi”

‘was sure for once, she heard me sigh

As I was getting to settle my nerve,

The waiter asked what he should serve

I told him that I already ate,

but he can serve her, my heart on a plate.

As this sent my blood in a rush,

She couldn’t help herself, but blush

I think she knew I had little money to pay

We ordered a third wine anyway

The day went on as we sat and chat,

Our eyes were locked, without lashes being bat

And, as we finished the date with ice-cream,

The alarm went off…  and broke my Dream !!!

Alas!!! N’one cares if “Adi”  looks class or bedizen,

There is no one waiting,  beyond the Horizon…



– Adi Singla (09 Apr ’14)