Lesson to be learnt from Superbowl XLIX

During the 2 weeks build-up and from where I was looking at things, Seattle Seahawks entered the game as the underdog. They surely did not claim that on national TV, but behind closed doors, their assessment may have been similar to mine. The domination and control of the football demonstrated by New England Patriots offense was phenomenal and the Hawks were smelling defeat a quarter and a half into the game.

Towards closure of the second quarter, Pete Carroll made an unconventional call… instead of settling for 14-10 with a Field Goal to enter Q3, he asked his offensive unit to go all in and even the game out. He made a call… an unconventional call… a risk… he cause a shift of momentum… he gave a huge morale uplift to his team… he made Seahawks look like they mean business and would not go down easy… We could see the subtle risk in many Seahawks offensive plays in Q3 resulting 10 points.

When he made the call that cost them the Superbowl, he was in the same tempo. He calculated that the Pats had successfully stopped Lynch multiple times and the entire Pats defensive muscle would stop Lynch. So he made an unconventional call… he took a risk… he wanted to surprise the Pats. His bad luck caught him over there and the risk was realized. Just going by the pattern of plays being made by the Hawks, I was not surprised by the play call.

In all honesty, if he would not have been taking risks in the game, their second TD would have been an FG and the Q4 interception a TD pushing the game to a 2 point conversion followed by OT. <with a lot of assumptions… yada.. yada… yada… >…………..But, by taking the risks, he set the stage for a definite victory.

So, the lesson I learnt was that to attain success risks should be taken, but only in moderation and with calculation, not with momentum and emotion.

When my jeans went out of fashion, I Quit !!!

Summer of ’99

My second year Engineering summer was in the college workshop working the tools -welding, casting, etc. One evening, a buddy of mine (let’s call him… Slash) and I were sitting outside the cafeteria under our University’s symbolic “Polo Hut” and he lit a cigarette. After 3-4 puffs, he casually dragged his hand towards me and I took it from him with the same amount of casual attitude… It was a Marlborough Light (it’s a “Light”! What the Heck!!!)… kept it between my lips and the rest is history… well, not exactly..

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Finding Vegetarianism in Indian culture

The “Vegetarian” v/s “Non-vegetarian” debate has been on for centuries in India. The debate comes  with mockery, disgust, guilt, doubt and confusion. I happen to be a classic specimen of a confused vegetarian (or not) Indian .

Let me give a little background, I was born and raised in a North Indian Orthodox Hindu (Sanatan Dharma) environment, which in general, prescribes a Vegetarian life as the right way-of-life (Dharma). I accepted this as truth, and remained a strong promoter of vegetarianism for very many years without question. Very few people around me ate meat, which was obviously aDharma (sin).

The first seeds of doubt came during my under-Grad days, where out of my gang of 12 friends, only 2 of us were vegetarian and we were the butt of many jokes due to this. Using quick Math, only 17% of my group of friends was vegetarian, then 83% were serious sinners. Extrapolating the numbers to the world (assuming everyone outside India ate meat), only about 3-5% people on earth seemed to be vegetarian from that angle (there was no Google back then to confirm this). I used to wonder – with so many people eating non-vegetarian food, Hell (Narka) would be very a very busy place.

Well, I had the doubts but I stuck to my strict vegetarian regime. A few years later, I was reading about how all religions tie together and came across a clear reference in the Book of Genesis that eating meat was allowed by God !!! My image of “Dharma” started to shake… Religious differences apart, God is undoubtedly One… How could different people have different Dharma for something as fundamental as food, based on the religion they were born in??? There had to be a prescription that works for all because God created everyone alike. Politicians carved out religions. (We all get to use Azithromicin during strep-throat infections).

When staged with such fear and doubt about one’s belief system,a person has 2 choices:

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Heal the World…

Heal the World

When I close my eyes…

I see a child in hunger and bare

And all I had was his picture to share

Wonder How humanity cries


When I close my eyes…

I see a blood-torn battleground

And all I did was buy beer next round

Wonder Why the brethren dries


When I close my eyes…

I see broken bones of a dame such beauty

And all I did was played Call of Duty

Wonder Where such monsters reside


When I close my eyes…

I see a mountain of piling plastic

And the concern is if my shoes are fantastic

Wonder When the Earth will rise


When I close my eyes…

I see bigotry and slur built of thorn

And all I check is which color he’s born

Wonder What is human despise


When I open my eyes…

With the heart so hollow, I’ll go on a hunt

To search my soul; To find what’s burnt

And Heal the World before it dies


So our children can see how birds fly…

– Adi Singla (18-April ’14)