The Fear Factor

I woke up in the morning today… ok… was woken up by the constant kicking by Tashvi to play with her. I took her to the park with swollen eyes and tossed her a few times in the air and felt deep rest listening to her constant laughter and the glitter in her eyes which wanted more… and as I passed through the park, a thought passed my mind and well…..
What kind of world have we brought our children in. We are fighting purpose-less no-holds barred fights, which seem endless. The people of one’s own country are¬†mercenaries¬†killing in the name of religion without any demands… so, where’s the motivation coming from ? Is it an act of religious revenge, someone’s personal revenge, political motivation to defame a community or party before elections, plain hatred or just fun.¬† Continue reading “The Fear Factor”

The Pseudo-Bachelor Dilemma

Boys are dirty!!! Guys, you have to acknowledge… All boys are Dirty… there may be a few exceptions (I can think of 2 – my friends Mayank from Thapar and Hemu from SIMSR), but this can be generalized… no matter what they tell their girls. Remember, the rule does not apply to guys who have never lived outside their parents house as a bechelor

As bachelors, all we need is a chair or a shelf in the wardrobe where we can have 3 piles of clothes – 1st for dirty clothes, 2nd for clean clothes and 3rd…. dirty, but potentially re-usable before hitting laundry. Next, we cook, not to cook.. We cook only if have to and that too, to survive. We don’t turn our beds every morning (what’s the point!!! you’re gonna come back and going to ruin the well-turned bed… and who’s gonna see when you are away). We don’t shave for a week… and so on…

Bottom line… Boys are dirty as bachelors…. Continue reading “The Pseudo-Bachelor Dilemma”

Fun and Inspiration in Chicago!!!

When I saw the movie Chicago, all I wanted to do was to go to Chicago and visit a Jazz Bar to watch a Zeta-Jones style dance…

1st week in Minneapolis and a long weekend was up and around..
Sid wanted meets his Bua… Abhilasha, her son… Soumya, just accompanying Abhilasha… Ketan, what else to do on a long weekend???
So, I too don’t waste a long weekend and book tickets to Chicago… well, can’t drive.. we’ve been in the US for 7 days, for God’s sake!!! We booked Greyhound…

what a pathetic bus in which I got to sit on half a seat.. Bad road trip…Tired and disgusted, we reached Chicago… Just from a first glance of downtown at the break of dawn, i knew this downtown is good… and then we met the ever entertaining KC Gorakhpur waale… Continue reading “Fun and Inspiration in Chicago!!!”

Adi becomes a Daddy

Better late than never!!! so I start blogging today… and what should my first blog be about…
Well!!!! Tashvi… what an angel my 3 month old daughter is… an experience to have a living being come out another human and when you put this little miracle to heart , you wonder God is such a near perfect technologist. Right from conceptualization to deployment, he is trying to make human into a perfect being… Continue reading “Adi becomes a Daddy”