The Quiet Call

Amanda Mininger

As elections draw near for all of us, I’m going out on a limb and saying what I’m not supposed to say:

Which is that the best of humankind has never been determined by a formal process. It’s never been legislated, upheld in a court of law, or spun from a series of campaign ads. The best of humankind starts before all that, before any governing body intervenes or eager politician shakes a constituent’s hand. It starts with that magical moment when humans somehow come to understand that change is nigh, indeed it is ordained, and moving forward is the only option.

It’s not even a conscious decision. Collective humanity doesn’t wake up one morning and while in the shower, declare loudly: “I am deciding right here and now that this issue shall have a new outcome!”

Rather, as with The Hero’s Journey (thank you, Elizabeth Gilbert, for reminding us)…

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In sunshine and in shade (Translation of Kabhi Dhoop Kabhi Chaav)

Sometimes in sunshine and sometimes in shade

Your beauty is being discussed in every town and village

You’ve been looking for your soul-mate on the river bank

107 men are on a boat waiting for you to make your pick


Sometimes in the fair or the market or sometimes on the way,

A bed of flowers is laid in your feet everywhere.

But, you will give your look of love to that humble one

who puts a pair of anklets in your feet


Sometimes in rains or winter or with blows of wind

Rumors of our relationship are spreading all around in the air

Sound of these anklets was unable to keep the secret

that “Adi” takes relief only in your arms


Original Poem in Hindi Script

Coming to America!!!

25 Jun 08

The first striking thing when my journey started was the New Hyderabad Airport… well, that sure is a Wow… absolutely above international standards in outlook, performance and management. congenial environment. Great amount of parking space.. about a 100 terminals…
and to top it all – a high class Lounge Bar inside the security lounge… and that sure is a wow… a beer in there while you wait for boarding call will never go waste…

I took my flight and landed at Mumbai… (not tubes yet…) and the moment I stepped outside the craft, that familiar smell of salt and humidity in the air (unique to Mumbai), hit my nostrils and a deep breadth with a little smile was a natural reaction… and with the smile came countless memories of my 4 years in Mumabi… I guess, I wouldn’t be in love with any city other than Mumbai for many years more to come… But, that’s for another blog 🙂 … Continue reading “Coming to America!!!”