दिल की दास्तान (Hindi Poem)

This is the first time I am attempting lines in Hindi, with a Pen Name “आदि”. Must admit, I had forgotten how to write some of the Hindi letters… as haven’t written anything in Hindi since about 2 decades now. I hope you’ll enjoy this.

खामोश दीवारें मकानों में

भीगे नैन अनकहे अफ्सनो में

काँच कि खिड़की बस हिली थी थोड़ी

दिल चूर से टूटा तूफानों में


दिल काट के भेजा पैगामो में

कहूँ मन की बात अंजानो में

भूल गए सब रास्ता यहाँ का

तेरी आह ना आयी ज़मनो में


क्यूँ “आदि” दरवाजे के पास खड़ा है

उठा ले जो ये बचा हुआ दिल पड़ा है

और छोड़ आ जहाँ जल रही उसकी चीता है

डूबा रहूंगा तेरे अह्सानो में

                                            – आदित्य “आदि” सिंग्ला (17-Mar ’14)

Types using phonics typing section of this.

English Script and Translation below

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Let’s define the word “Communal” for Indians

Let’s begin with defining Communal from the Oxford Dictionary

communal – ADJECTIVE Shared by all members of a community; for common use:a communal bathroom and kitchen

Err…. This is not what the news in India makes me believe. I always thought being Communal meant you were a religious  extremist. So, drawing stings out of a hair, by definition if we were to identify communities – there could be different type of communities. Let’s try and explore these different type of communities along with trying to understand their root.

Territorial Communities

  • Tribal people are communal. They do everything for the community
  • Inhabitants of Indus Valley Civilization were communal
  • Connan – the Destroyer might have been doing something for his community
  • Elephants, Jackals, Monkeys, Wolfs and like many other animal, we – Homo Sapiens (a.k.a. Human Beings) live in communities.

Being communal is natural for social animals. That’s where members of the community watch out for each other. They provide food, shelter, security and a common ground for thinking and development. It provides a common ground for building society. A society in which all members are a part of the same community.

In older times, when there was no religion, community was defined by territory. So, wars between tribes to occupy more land could be called communal riots. These tribes, due to communal conflicts started guarding their territories and deployed armies and over the years they became what we now call are countries. Wars between countries, to protect borders, can technically be called communal?

We just established that countries are nothing but Honey-in-blew-up-our-community. I am not undermining the complexities and hierarchy of today’s communities. Country is a community, State/Province is a community under country, District/County is under it, City/Town under it, a division/neighborhood, houses. So, my identity can be drawn down to any level of community I belong to. So, an argument between neighbors on who should get the fence repaired can be communal disagreements?

Faith Based Communities

Back in the day, all members of the tribe had a common object as their God. So, these types of communities did not exist or should I say, they had a 100% overlap. As larger territorial communities started mixing, their set of beliefs and traditions started mixing up. And as a part of building identity within the territorial community, a religious tag got on people making people a part of a matrix of communities. Here, I’ll bring sub-faiths into the mix. So, now you were an Indian Muslim, or a Punjabi Hindu, or a Malyali Christian, or a Mumbai Sikh, or an Atheist, or an Agnostic. Hindus and Muslims fighting over temple/mosque land is definitely communal riots.

Occupational/Caste Communities

I’ll keep going back to territorial communities, because that’s the root of Communal-ism. When the tribes built their territories, the first few occupations probably were Hunters, Guards and home keepers. Leaders in hunting packs may have emerged and then as some equals became more equal, the less equals became servants. Slowly, but surely society emerged, more professions grew and people’s identity was known by their profession or the profession of their father. Some occupations were considered superior than others and people identity got another title in the form of Surname. Commonly called – Caste… So, now people were Traders, Cobblers, Blacksmiths, Kings, et al by birth giving another interesting aspect to one’s identity and sub-dividing community. In the modern world, people don’t usually follow the occupation of their fore-fathers, but it gives them an interesting mix. So, an IT consultant with a last name Blacksmith will fall under 2 groups – Ancestral occupation identifier and current occupation identifier. So, an Architect and Builder arguing over the stability of the front wall of the house is a communal conflict?

Economic Class Communities

Free markets, capitalistic economics, global village, free movement of resources creates another divide in the society – The income inequality gives rise a the Class based communities… this one needs no explanation… Upper Class, U-M, Middle, L-M, Lower, Poor – above poverty line, poor below poverty line. They all have arguments and there is always conflict in interest of different strata of the society.

Racial/National Communities

People move for variety of reasons – in search of food, truth, answers, peace, better life or run away from law or were moved around by colonials. Whatever said and done, they move and they take their physical and behavioral characteristics with them. So, a person’s origin becomes a part of his/her identity and there are communities called out as say Ukrainians in Canada or Nepali’s in India. People from different origins, but similar physical characteristics merge into the indigenous communities usually within 2-3 generations, but people who look different remain a part o a different community forever. So, an Italian in India will be in the Southern European community in India.

Where did India go wrong?

The point of capturing demographics for census world-over for profiling the the ethnic mix (used for variety of reasons – social, product marketing and of course political). Indian politicians have made every possible effort to divide and alienate people falling in every community type in every possible way. For… no guesses here… the vote and the power which comes from it. For this vote, every politician wears a hat when addressing people in the community he’s addressing. A hat that people from that community can identify with. And then the politician talks about the gains to that particular community. So, is it not a communal speech?

  • Rahul Gandhi making a speech to uplift Amethi sounds pretty communal to me. But who cares about him… He’s a moron anyway…
  • Police giving special beating to a goon because he hit a cop, the police might be communal in looking out for the cop community
  • The so-called “secular forces” coming together and waging a media war against NDA, could be communal as these “Secular forces” built a community against Communal BJP and became communal themselves.
  • The army definitely is communal in all shapes and forms. It”s single mission is to protect the borders of the community of India.

I can keep expanding this list for 5 more pages, but I’m sure you got the point that India defined a word incorrectly. India took a perfectly useful word like “Communal” and plagiarized it to mean only religion-based communities. Media and politicians re-defined Communal as the opposite of Secular. The poor word’s feeling trapped in a jail. Let’s try and free this word from the clutched of evil politicians and media. So that I can proudly claim that I am communal and will service any community I can be associated with.

What India needs to do…

Its time to for India to go back on all other types of communal identification except territorial and economic

The political agenda of every party has to be agnostic to religion, race, caste, state or any other ethnic profile. The agenda needs to be trade, infrastructure, jobs, economy, talent retention. The moment a politician goes to a temple and addresses a group of Hindus and says I’ll do this particular thing for your community, the question needs to be how will it help India in the short and long term. When the same politician goes to a mosque and says the same thing, the question needs to be – will your special grant to Muslims reduce unemployment rate in the country. On the point of reservations in educational institutions, the question from Dalits should be why is reservation being given to a Dalit whose household income is more than Rs. 5 lakh a year.

No politician has ever identified with “India” with all population and might and diversity as one single Community. A larger community that encompasses Hindus and Muslims and Dalits and Assamese. Every one who holds an Indian Nationality belongs to the Indian Community and they all walk towards a brighter, developed and and advanced India. Every Indian needs to be Communal and work towards the betterment of his community – the Indian Community. As long as the common goal is to work for our larger community “India”, no one has to be ashamed of his ethnic identity. Politicians, who lure people by making them think that their community is a small division, and not India as a whole should be crucified in the elections.

What Indians need to understand is it is OK to be communal and look out for one’s community. What politicians need to understand is that dividing the country in the name of exploiting communities in ever shape and manner is pulling India down. National policy should needs to be built around national interests, and not religious interests, not caste interests. National policy need to understand the territorial strengths and weaknesses; it needs to understand the economic class gap and work on expanding the middle class and boosting economy.

If we are able to reach there, India will be truly a great nation… where the community is India and communal riots occur only if some other country lays its evil eyes on any part of India.

Alas!!! no one will read this because to bring this change, “Political Will” is required.


A Stormy Night (Poem)

A Stormy night

The chariots of clouds are dark and dull

The city has pulled itself in a lull


The winds are taking a ferocious walk

There’s not a single soul to talk


First few raindrops struck like arrows

In hiding went the rabbits and sparrows


The scary thunder of an army of clouds

Children were anxious with fear and shouts


The swords of light made the night so bright

The power went out without giving a fight


In an hour there were streams of blood

No cars could move around in the flood


This attack from the sky was a huge surprise

Safety prayers for those with close ties

This battle should end by the crack of dawn

I’ve gotta feeling, I’ll need to redo my lawn…

– Adi Singla (19 Apr ’14)


Heal the World…

Heal the World

When I close my eyes…

I see a child in hunger and bare

And all I had was his picture to share

Wonder How humanity cries


When I close my eyes…

I see a blood-torn battleground

And all I did was buy beer next round

Wonder Why the brethren dries


When I close my eyes…

I see broken bones of a dame such beauty

And all I did was played Call of Duty

Wonder Where such monsters reside


When I close my eyes…

I see a mountain of piling plastic

And the concern is if my shoes are fantastic

Wonder When the Earth will rise


When I close my eyes…

I see bigotry and slur built of thorn

And all I check is which color he’s born

Wonder What is human despise


When I open my eyes…

With the heart so hollow, I’ll go on a hunt

To search my soul; To find what’s burnt

And Heal the World before it dies


So our children can see how birds fly…

– Adi Singla (18-April ’14)

When my Angel arrived

NaPoWriMo Day 17 Bernhard_Plockhorst_-_Schutzengel

The night that she did first appear

I saw an angel fly by near


I thought I heard a baby crying

the sound’s an angel’s wings, when flying


I felt her touch when I got to hold’er

The angel’d brushed by my shoulder


The smell of her skin had felt like bliss

Maybe the heavens scent like this


The kiss so sweet you can’t buy with money

I’d just been given God’s pot of honey

 – Adi Singla (17 Apr ’14)


An Almost Perfect Date (A Poem)


An Almost Perfect Date


Beyond the Horizon, there is a place,

That is where I first saw her face

Our eyes met and she offered me a seat,

Before I knew, my Heart skipped a beat

I took a quick-look to check my attire,

Just in case it wasn’t a one side fire

My situation got worse when she said “Hi”

‘was sure for once, she heard me sigh

As I was getting to settle my nerve,

The waiter asked what he should serve

I told him that I already ate,

but he can serve her, my heart on a plate.

As this sent my blood in a rush,

She couldn’t help herself, but blush

I think she knew I had little money to pay

We ordered a third wine anyway

The day went on as we sat and chat,

Our eyes were locked, without lashes being bat

And, as we finished the date with ice-cream,

The alarm went off…  and broke my Dream !!!

Alas!!! N’one cares if “Adi”  looks class or bedizen,

There is no one waiting,  beyond the Horizon…



– Adi Singla (09 Apr ’14)


Surge to Glory

I wrote the first snippet (Quest for Glory) for a small gift card competition at a fair in 1999. Expanded upon the lines last month with the poem below (Surge to Glory). Please leave a comment…

Quest for Glory

For Furs and Gowns and Cloaks and Tippets,

For Glory the world has so few tickets,

But like an Eagle up to the sky,

I’ll fill my flight before I die.

– Adi Singla (Fall ’99)

Full poem (Surge to Glory) is below-

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How to distribute Overtime Labor cost of Exempt employees – Story of a joint family

A Prelude, but not a Pre-requisite to this blog is
Why reporting OT hours is important – A Lesson I learnt from my mom


Joint families? Extended families living under the same roof with an ecosystem in which everyone supports one another. There are differences among members, but the common goal is the success of the whole family. In one such joint family (furniture builders since generations) there lived 4 brothers.  Their parents (Exec Management) live in the same house and are responsible for keeping the family tied together.

 Bro 1 Manages day to day affairs of the house like Finances, making sure all kids are taken care of, buying household supplies, etc. Overhead & Admin
 Bro 2 Goes out and finds people who are in need of furniture in their homes and convinces them to buy furniture from their 4th brother Sales and Proposals
 Bro 3 Builds and maintains the house like building new rooms, or furniture, etc. as the family keeps growing with more kids. Sometimes, he invents new type of furniture, which the Bro 4 can later mass produce and sell. Capital Cost
 Bro 4 Builds and ships the furniture. He also collects cash from his customers after he ensures the customers are happy with the product. Operations / Cost of Goods Sold

All the children (employees) of the house work for typically one of the brothers and are compensated with a fixed weekly allowance (exempt employees!!). There are a few children, though, who work for multiple brothers on a regular basis or a brother is helping another brother by lending one of his children.

The Story

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10 Reasons Why I Will Continue to Give my Children Handheld Devices

As a father of 2 ferocious daughters, cannot agree more…

Chop Wood, Carry Water

Image My children, both on handheld devices, learning and laughing.

Last week the Huffington Post ran this article titled 10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12.

As an educator who advocates for the intentional and appropriate use of technology, I could go on about this forever. But instead I’m writing here as a mother.

Here are my 10 reasons why I will continue giving my children handheld devices, and all other forms of technology as well.

1) Because banning things never, ever, ever works. 

Remember when your parents wouldn’t let you watch rated R movies so you just went to your friends’ houses to watch them? I think I’d rather have my kids using technology and handheld devices with me beside them. Where I can engage with them, answer questions, and limit content if I have concerns.

2) Problem solving.

When my kids…

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Why reporting OT hours is important – A Lesson I learnt from my mom

When I was young, I got a fixed weekly allowance. I was expected to do my chores of cleaning, laundry, grocery runs, et al, But, no matter how good or bad I was, whether I helped mom with the dishes or not, I would get that allowance and I would not be asked how I spend it or ever be threatened that you would not get it. You would think I was not motivated to do my household chores, but you’re wrong… Every school year my allowance went up slightly and I was allowed to marginally negotiate for my allowance. So, I grew up in an environment where I was an Exempt employee.

As I was growing up, I kept a journal and on the last page of the journal was the year’s calendar. I gave myself a star everyday I went overboard to help mom. During my appraisal, I would count my stars and remind mom of the incidents when the stars happened. She remembered all the black stars, so am sure she had a journal of her own 🙂 Turns out I was mostly a star employee of my mom and used to work much more than expected and it helped with my annual raise or she was not maintaining her journal well enough. Most importantly, it taught me the importance of maintaining a quick record of any extra time spent on doing my normal job duties.

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