When the Cloud bursts in Diwali season



The phrase has been buzzing since about a decade now, but unfortunately over 75% professionals I come across nod their head pretending to understand all about it, but are clearly looking at infinity figuring how to make this guy shut up.

Former Indian Income Tax Department’s additional commissioner once went on-record saying that India’s Unique Identification Number program (similar to US-SSN, Canada SIN programs) will not work because the data is on cloud and “if it rains, the data will leak from the cloud”

So, here’s your pocket guide to Cloud Applications lingo, take away 2-3 things from this article, just throw them out randomly in your next meeting and watch everyone else nod their heads.

An example scenario  –

In your next meeting when you hear the word “Cloud”, get alert and say “There are all different types of Cloud services SaaS / Paas / IaaS / RaaS. What kind of Cloud model are you suggesting because it will make sense only if we consider the SaaS model?” Chances are that the conversation would end over there, but in case someone googles SaaS quickly, go to the white board and write–

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