We… The Shameful people of India – part 2

May her soul rest in peace and God give strength to her family. But…¬†this may sound brutal, but she is better-off dead than alive….. for her sake….. and for the sake of the revolution.
  • Had she lived, the Government would have taken the matter to courts and the rape case would’ve gone on for 6 years resulting in max only 7 years imprisonment for a few of 6 goons. Others would’ve spoken got fewer for giving statements to save themselves. Now, they’re all up to 14 years (or maybe death)
  • In every hearing of the case and pre-hearing discussions, she would have had to re-live the rape 100 times only causing her more torture.
  • She could never ever be able to live a normal life or an hour without nightmares.
  • Media would’ve asked her questions which would’ve made her feel that she had rather died.

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We… the shameful people of India

Just read about the gang rape in a bus in Delhi… This is pure evil… I am at a loss of words and my heart is filling up with anger… anger for I don’t know who or what… anger on the society that teaches us from the day of birth that the bloody male child is a superior being or angry with the government which is doing nothing to control female infanticide which proves the point and create an imbalanced sex ratio.

I don’t hold the 6 goons responsible for this because this happens every day 100 times, 100 different places, in bedrooms, in offices, in hotels, in cars, in fucking graveyards… this one sure is getting media attention because of the amount of brutality involved.¬†
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