Redefining role of Information Technology

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“The business has too many strategic projects going on, let’s look at these capital IT projects after 3 years”.

“Our ERP is outdated now, give us the cheapest upgrade option to keep it supported”

“We have a business to transform, just keep the lights on

“Our applications are good enough, they capture transactions and provide us reports, no need for a change”

“Unless there is a hard financial ROI with a payback in 3 years, it’s a no”

I’m sure most of you have heard or seen this conversation or a form of this conversation happen among CEO, CFO and CIO from CEO/CFOs to CIOs. And if you are a thought leader somewhere in the organization, you shake your head and are like “Darn! I hate this strategy of doing nothing” and then think if it even is a strategy.

Let’s see what are the flaws in each of these arguments.

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