The Fear Factor

I woke up in the morning today… ok… was woken up by the constant kicking by Tashvi to play with her. I took her to the park with swollen eyes and tossed her a few times in the air and felt deep rest listening to her constant laughter and the glitter in her eyes which wanted more… and as I passed through the park, a thought passed my mind and well…..
What kind of world have we brought our children in. We are fighting purpose-less no-holds barred fights, which seem endless. The people of one’s own country are¬†mercenaries¬†killing in the name of religion without any demands… so, where’s the motivation coming from ? Is it an act of religious revenge, someone’s personal revenge, political motivation to defame a community or party before elections, plain hatred or just fun.¬† Continue reading “The Fear Factor”

Adi becomes a Daddy

Better late than never!!! so I start blogging today… and what should my first blog be about…
Well!!!! Tashvi… what an angel my 3 month old daughter is… an experience to have a living being come out another human and when you put this little miracle to heart , you wonder God is such a near perfect technologist. Right from conceptualization to deployment, he is trying to make human into a perfect being… Continue reading “Adi becomes a Daddy”