10-point program to a Lazy Weekend

Writing after a long time. I hope this is useful to all guys who are like-minded with me.
This is a guide for the guys who deep down inside their hearts are nothing but lazy couch potatoes, but are forced by the pressures of job, family and society to work hard on weekdays and weekends… Work here, need to necessarily means job, but any work like cleaning up the car, drive to grocery, take kids to a play ground/area, etc, etc..
Now, I understand that not any of the work can be compromised. You are or at least appear to be a responsible employee and a husband and would definitely like to keep it that way. But, would like to have one of the much longed lazy weekends where the bum inside you gets satisfied.
The key to a successful weekend that will satisfy the you inside is in following the 10 points explained below. The essence is to be captured in a typical project cycle